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Extending A helping Hand

Many children in Syria are now living in a world where the only memory they have of Syria is that of complete disorder and tragedy. The siege which began in 2011 has now hit its fifth year mark with no guaranteed end in sight. The catastrophic conditions, with 4.6 million refugees, 6.6 million displaced within Syria, and with a total of 13.5 million people needing humanitarian assistance due to the ongoing fight, Syria has lost more lives and infrastructure than imaginable. Therefore, children growing up in Syria have lost many loved ones, some their parents, witnessed inconceivable violence and sadness, missed significant amount of schooling, while some are also being used as fighters and human shields. Conditions, which not a single human being should endure, let alone a child. The immense struggle which Syrians face is one that demands the attention of the rest of the world, not just awareness, but active involvement in trying to alleviate the suffering through contributions of time, money and energy. That is why, we, at Mercy without Limits, ask you to help us extend a helping hand to the people of Syria in the fight to restore stability. Help us in providing the necessary daily needs of survival for Syrians and in reinstating critical infrastructures which have ceased to operate since the start of the civil war.

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