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Saving Generations with Education

The mass displacement within and outside of Syria, including the shutting down of many schools and universities, has halted education for the majority of the population. Lack of education hinders the possibility of future success, affecting health, living conditions, social situations and creating an overall atmosphere of perpetual struggle. Mercy Without Limits strives to develop facilities, such as schools and universities to ensure future success of children and youth despite and due to these problems in the country. We, at Mercy Without Limits, strive to achieve this through collaboration with other organizations with the same goal of instituting facilities that provide schooling and also through collaboration with other organizations to further increase the development of these institutions. We focus on education, realizing the importance of it not only in bettering the circumstances of the Syrian people, but also through realizing the success it provides in attempting to combat extremist ideologies. Help us in building educational facilities that better the lives of Syrians and in creating sense of independence amidst chaos and war.

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