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Orphan Sponsorship

The ongoing Syrian War has left many children orphaned, exposing them even further to the disheartening reality of living through war. Accompanied with that is the many psychologically induced trauma resulting from witnessing the tragic loss of their parents and their loved ones. Even more so than other children, those that have been orphaned can be categorized as being the most disadvantaged. With no one to provide for them, Syrian children lack primary needs such as food, shelter, and education. Syrian children, as a whole, are deprived of the fundamentals necessary for survival. They have faced trauma and will continue to spend the rest of their lives coping with the horrors they have witnessed. Mercy Without Limits’ sponsorship program is designed to guarantee the wellbeing of each child through targeted initiatives. These initiatives will focus on the four principal area needs, food, shelter, health and education. Our aim is not only focused on providing access to basic human demands but also on constructing a feasible plan of success through individualized care and attention.

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