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Our Work

Mercy Without Limits is there to assure that the most vulnerable have an opportunity to survive. Our work takes us into the heart of Syrian communities, where we assist in providing the fundamental tools for Syrian orphans and widows for survival. Mercy Without Limits employs the donations it receives efficiently and effectively, through various programs including those that assist small villages, where chronic hunger has tightened its grip on families. From school children who send their allowance for relief efforts, to the largest philanthropic donors, we cherish all of our supporters, big and small. With your help and commitment, we are one step closer to changing the life of a Syrian orphan and pursuing greater achievements in bettering the lives of those, which are amongst the most, disadvantaged. All contributions made in offerings will be more than appreciated by the Mercy Without Limits team and even more so by those directly affected by the siege.

Mercy Without Limits is a nonprofit 501©(3) (status) organization, dedicated to rescuing and educating the thousands of Syrian children who have been orphaned by the ongoing war.


Please note that donations may be used to support program activities other than the programs listed above. 

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